Work, Home, Kids, Laundry, Technology, Errands, Meals….Life.

I know it feels hard to focus, get organized and BREATHE…

Especially if you’re a parent, teacher or caregiver who’s so busy serving others that you’ve neglected the very things that enable you to show up as your best, most loving, most productive self.

Or maybe you make  time for you, but still feel guilt and shame about all the unfinished to-do’s, broken promises and open loops in your life. This 24/7 connectivity is taking its toll on you.

If you’re feeling information + responsibility overload… or just craving more creativity, connection and clarity as you navigate this busy season of life…you’re in the right place to make some powerful changes.

Building the habit of self-compassion and care to leverage your productivity will help you show up as your best self – whereas running on empty depletes you, your relationships and your ability to thrive.


Research shows us that healthy doses of connection and compassion are essential for both your children and you to keep learning, growing and navigating challenges that inevitably show up each day.

Additionally, the way you show up in the world has a profound impact on each person you come into contact with. We mistakenly think we need to “do it all” alone, but we don’t.

What if you could have support to de-stress + build rejuvenation & resilience into “real-life” even in the face of seemingly impossible demands?

Welcome to Chaos Cleanse™

A “reclaim calm, order and control” journey.

It starts with you + me + powerful life-changing support so that you DO make time for what matters. Sprinkle in select Guest Experts. Healthy-habit creation tools. Access to a private circle of passionate, growth oriented, strong women. A loving, nurturing, safe place to rejuvenate. To allow judgment, expectations, comparisons and shame to fall away.

What you get…

  • Discover powerful techniques to clear out what’s not serving you
  • Finally see how to make time for what you care about most deeply.
  • Realize how your emotions can be your greatest guideposts.
  • Cultivate the optimal conditions to parent, work and live from a place of intention and peace, vs. reaction and stress


When you let go of all the doing, and shift to simply being …things start to fall into place. You’ll discover wisdom in your feelings, and begin to use your emotions to make more effective decisions, connect with others, find and follow purpose — and lead a more whole-hearted life.

Chaos Cleanse™ Circle

You’ll Receive*

~A “Regain Clarity + Control” Emotional Intelligence Assessment + Debrief
~Occasional Guest Expert Virtual Workshops (Via Tele/Video Conference)
~Private virtual forum to connect, support and hold space for each other

*See additional details/descriptions below

You know that feeling of being accepted and heard?

When you’ve circled up with dear friends and conversation and it all just clicks. Through the tears, laughter and speaking your truth…you come up with new ways of seeing your daily challenges and renewed strength and energy to handle your juggling act? That’s what we’re creating here.

Compassion and empathy are essential for each of us to thrive – as children and adults. We all maintain that “still small child within.” That part of us that just wants to be heard, understood, loved and supported. We put so much pressure on our partners/spouses to fill this need. But it’s not always their thing. Women operate differently. A simple illustration is how the stress response in women includes not just fight/flight/freeze….but also a “tend and befriend” response.

Chaos Cleanse was born to bring practices of healing, renewal, self-care, emotional intelligence, mindfulness & yoga “off the mat” and into our everyday lives.

You’ll start to release what’s not serving you…so you can bring in more of what does. While learning to access and enhance your emotional intelligence and ability to stay centered, grounded and respond with grace and ease under pressure.

CHAOS Cleanse™  helps you

  • Effectively blend thinking & feeling to make optimal decisions
  • Integrate renewal, and regular guilt-free time for yourself; to refuel and make you productive.
  • Discover community & connection to inspire your energy, passion and purpose: both personally & professionally
  • Increase your resilience/ability to handle life’s daily stressors with more clarity, calm + intention

Additional Details :: what’s included

SEI Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Assessment

You’ll begin your journey assessing the 8 learnable EQ (Emotional Intelligence) competencies that affect your health, relationship quality, personal effectiveness and quality of life. Where are your strengths and how can you apply them? What weaknesses are blocking you and how can you overcome these?

The SEI tool we use is a scientifically validated, practical measure of emotional intelligence with an action-oriented model supporting you to use and improve their EQ skills. A framework for action, simple enough to jump right in, AND sophisticated enough to drive long-term transformation.

Guest Expert Workshops

Interactive workshops via teleseminar or video-conference. All guest experts will be leading practices and tangible, practical implementation techniques, exercises and tools to ensure an active recovery/rejuvenation experience. All sessions recorded and downloadable for you to keep: in case you can’t make live workshop times or want to revisit material.

24/7 Access to Private Virtual Forum

This is our sacred place to gather, share, inspire and connect from wherever you are. Pop in here as little or as much as you need. To ask for or lend support. To discover that you are not alone.  To honor, release and reframe. We’ll use this space for conversations around monthly workshops and just to hold space for each other. You’ll receive access as long as you’re an active member of CC-WOM (Chaos Cleanse Workshop of the Month) club.

Make it all feel a little easier…

You need and deserve a little extra love and support to honor all you’re giving and doing right now. A place to keep you in alignment with what matters to you…especially important while caring for everyone else.

We are all connected. Joining our community is a small act of kindness for YOU that creates massive ripples + positive change for everyone in your life.

You deserve compassion and rejuvenation

Your feelings of overwhelm aren’t just preventing you from showing up as your best. Stress is a silent killer that can lead to more serious issues like depression, panic attacks and even heart attack, stroke and cancer. Some physicians believe that stress can be the root cause of up to 90% of illness. So please pause and check in: tune into your body and your mind. How are you feeling right now?

If this journey sounds right for you, you can request a conversation to see if I have any coaching spots open. Otherwise, PLEASE make sure to carve out space for healing, connection and renewal in some small way each day.


**Evidence shows us the serious implications of chronic stress. Regular renewal + recovery are essential to dissipate negative effects of our daily stressors in today’s 24/7 world.**

s-circleI can tell you first hand about navigating stress. It’s a journey….and I’m still “in the trenches” with you. I’ve been dealt my share of challenges and have found myself overwhelmed, frustrated and frazzled. Many times, in fact.

And I’ve had to learn to find my way out over and over. I’ve learned what works and what doesn’t… from my own experiences and from hundreds of other busy “givers” I’ve encountered and worked with over the years.

But I always found the lesson. I grew strong, independent and adaptable. Went on to get my undergraduate degree in Exercise and Sport Science and MBA in Organizational Development, run a full marathon, fall in love, get married and start a business and a family.

But, life got busier and my roles and responsibilities multiplied. Something had to change. With a passion for optimizing everything, I had to slow down and turn inward as I realized how little I could do if I wasn’t taking care of myself. I discovered the power of yoga and mindfulness. Of learning and growth. Of connection and expansion.

And I began to apply this power to other areas in my life. I tuned into what worked and what didn’t. By admitting vulnerability, asking for and accepting help in my own healing and entrepreneurial journey, my mission became clear: to help others struggling to find support and balance.  My journey continues with Doctoral Studies in Psychology with an emphasis on integrating technology, learning and psychology and work focused on helping companies do what they do best.

Sending you light and love,

“If you are overwhelmed and don’t know where to begin to change your habits or productivity, you won’t find a more accessible, supportive, manageable approach. I’ve already seen a dramatic improvement in my productivity! (Awe.some.!)” ~ Natanya L. – South Burlington, VT
“I took the Chaos Cleanse program because I really wanted to follow through with the things I promised myself I would follow through on. I LOVED Shari’s calm voice during the modules and how she was very much a part of the growth process with us. The program held me accountable and helped me hold myself accountable as well. I’m so much more consistent now with follow through on those things I promised myself.” ~ Sharon B. – NYC, NY
“Working with Shari has been a wonderful experience.  She is supportive in such a sincere way that motivates you to make the changes you want to see in your life.  I also love the support from the other participants in the group forum.  I will continue to use the skills I learned through Shari’s program anytime I need some help committing to making changes.” ~ Jessica Wyman, Boise, ID
“Being a healthcare professional, I have extensive knowledge about what I need to do in order to experience optimal health—and I help others make these changes for themselves every single day. Yet, I’d always had a hard time implementing some of those behaviors for myself. This program gave me the tools I needed to put myself first and do for myself what I do so easily for others.  I’ve made some big changes–and the whole process felt like there was much less effort than I’d expect.” ~ Melanie S. Washington, DC
“Think about how much money women spend on getting massages or paying for a gym or yoga membership that rarely gets used, all purchased with the intention of trying to achieve the balance between daily responsibilities and taking care of yourself. Imagine investing in a class that gives you the tools to excel in all aspects of your life so you can achieve your fullest potential. Women are under an extreme amount of pressure: taking care of the home, trying to excel in their career, trying to make their partner satisfied. Sometimes taking care of yourself falls to the back-burner. Spa Time Living gives you the tools to help you look at all of your commitments in life and streamline them with your personal goals. By investing a small amount of time a day using Spa Time Living’s tools I feel like I have the support I need to tackle my responsibilities one day at a time and develop the habits needed to achieve my goals.” ~ Sarah H. Denver, CO
“Shari is a wonderful motivator who understands the juggling act we all face. Her course was well designed and gave me valuable tools and insights to move from overwhelm to success in many areas. I feel very grateful to have participated.” ~ Lisa B. – Morrison, CO
“Before taking Shari’s program, I was feeling overwhelmed by my to do list, and not prioritizing what’s truly important to me. I’m now able to look at overwhelm in a whole new way. It wasn’t time consuming at all and Shari was so supportive. My biggest wonder was “why didn’t I do this sooner?!” ~ Heidi R. – Dumfries, VA
“I was feeling like I need to implement so many little things into my life and that I just couldn’t do it without accountability and a will-power boost! I highly recommend Shari’s programs… you will be surprised just how much you’ll change in a few short weeks! Thank you, thank you, thank you!” ~ Melissa Vandermeer, Austin, TX
“If you have trouble finding time to care for yourself, if you are feeling overwhelmed with the need to make time for the things that are important in your life, you really need to take this training program. (Mind-Body Habit & Willpower Training) I was THE hottest mess on the planet before this course, and if Shari can help fix ME, there’s no doubt she can help fix you. She’s LITERALLY changed my life.” ~ Farah B. NY

Please note that the Chaos Cleanse™ program is a form of self-care and not intended to be a substitute for professional counseling or psychotherapy.